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B.B. is the hero in this outstanding movie. What a wild child. His grandparents were still head hunters from the Naga tribe near the Himalayas. His name means Brave Boy. The film was shot in one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the old temple city of Bagan in Burma/Myanmar.

B.B.'s motto: " Don't give up!"

A reason why I make films.

Five Euros of every DVD sold go to Father Robert's children's home in Dala/Birma.

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Length 108 minutes. Aspect ratio 16:9. .

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DVD with German subtitles. Also available as Blue Ray at extra charge.

High-quality and informative DVD case. Best suitable as a gift.

Special features

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Those who have seen the film know why 5€ of each DVD sold will go to Father Robert's children's home in Dala/Burma.Here B.B. and his Naga friend Noung did their internship. Afterwards they saw the world differently.

You would like to know more about B.B. and this film? The next pages will tell you.

B.B. loves freedom and he lives it.

His village is called Thamandi and is located in the forbidden part of Burma/Myanmar.A country that has enchanted not only world famous authors like Rudyard Kipling.

The dream of every child. It does what it wants.

B.B.'s parents - poor day labourers - cannot tame him. A Christian priest places him at a boarding school for children who are difficult to raise. Ferdi Home in Bagan. It is his last chance.

The first journey of his life. Four days. On foot, by ox cart, boat and bus. Almost without money. Over 1000 kilometres. All on his own. With thirteen years. An adventure that would blow some adults away

He gets to know the beauty of his country.

But also how cruel poverty can be. B.B. shares his last money.

Here in Bagan lies Ferdi Home. The school by the river, the mighty Irrayawaddy. Bagan is one of the most beautiful temple sites in the world. With its two thousand pagodas and stupas it is the magical, almost surreal heritage of a once proud kingdom. 

B.B. has no idea where he is going. Maybe even to an evil reformatory? On the contrary. In this boarding school underprivileged children are supposed to graduate from high school. Only rich parents can afford that in Myanmar. The children here come from many different ethnic groups, who often still fight among themselves. The big goal of Ferdi Home: The children should be future ambassadors of peace. In a world that is growing together. They also learn languages, economics and ecology.

There are 100 children living in the boarding school. 50 girls and 50 boys. Each one helps with the daily tasks. There is no moaning. On the contrary. There is a lot of laughter.

The money comes irregularly from German and Swiss sponsors. It is just enough for food and school attendance. The hair clippers are also a donation.

Burmese are fun-loving and take every opportunity to dance and sing. And very pretty they are too.

B.B. is very homesick and like every young person he often thinks about death. And in his own way he takes the sting out of death.

You would like to know how it began?

Actually, it should be a 10-minute documentary about the Ferdi Home school. But then director Detlev F. Neufert discovered the charismatic B.B. and decided to make a film about him. This became a 108-minute film for the cinema. Three years of shooting turned it into a small work of art full of poetry and the charm of the young B.B.
 A masterpiece.

Everyone gave their best during the long shooting times. Also Welcome, the young 'boss' at the boarding school.

The children of Ferdi Home received an invitation to the first Burmese singing competition in Yangon 'Peace and Joy'. A strong political signal from the new generation of Burma/Myanmar. 

Like all kids worldwide, every Burmese youth is already a world-famous pop star. But a performance in front of several thousand people? 

Is there anything more beautiful than happy children? Children who have a future?

In their boarding school, the students learn not only to respect each other, but also to take responsibility for their neighbours. 

B.B. and his Naga friend Noung do an internship at Father Robert's children's home in Dala, the poorhouse outside Yangon. It is one of the scenes in the film that cannot be forgotten. Because it is of youthful humanity? And because it doesn't fit the disaster cliché of the media at all?

B.B. would like... Is that what distinguishes him from his peers somewhere in the world?

You want to know what this painting means? It appears in the film very often.

No Burmese leaves home without TANAKA. This cream is freshly rubbed from the bark of the tanaka tree, protects against sunburn and makes the skin soft and beautiful. From baby age to old age - Tanaka is the elixir of life for the Burmese.

What makes 'B.B. and the School by the River' such a special film?

Is it the shooting in the forbidden Nagaland? The unusually large expenditure for a cinema film, which was produced without television and promotion funds? The wonderful team? The exoticism of a still unknown country? Is it the journey into the heart of B.B.? Or is it even the journey into your own heart that will amaze and delight you? Does B.B. make this possible? Write us about it!

The winner is…

We have already received many prizes, great and thanks. But the most important is still you, dear audience. Even if it's not quite so chic anymore... what counts for our team is that you take something valuable with you for your own life. That you look a little happier at your everyday life.B.B. brings the concept to the point: Say "I love you".

The director and his protagonist wish you the maximum viewing pleasure. We gave what we could. And we have let ourselves be inspired - also by ourselves. Now it's your turn.

And B.B. would not be B.B. if he missed the fun of blessing his pubescent conspecifics with the global greeting of this human caste. Oh, man, B.B.!!!

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B.B.on promotion tour in Munich. The first time he went away from Burma/Myanmar. Everyone wanted to do a photo with him.